Exgel Cushion

They are highly acclaimed for their effectiveness in body pressure distribution and bedsore prevention.

When seated in a wheelchair for a long period of time, people complain of buttocks pain and gradual sliding of the buttocks to the front. For wheelchair users who need superior pressure redistribution. Suitable for the sacral sitter. Provides moderate postural support. The High is recommended for the client who needs further pressure redistribution.

Owl pattern
Posture maintenance
Prevents sliding outward
3D type (pronounced)
Distribute body pressure
Prevents sliding inward
Hip line shape
A simple design that needs no adjustments

EXGEL OWL is highly recommended for those who have difficulty supporting their torso on their own and tend to slide forward, need thigh support, or have leg paralysis or leg strain.

We prepared for you some detailed step by step video tutorials on how to prepare your Vertiflex and ensure that everything is set accordingly for a very confortable position.

Just click one of the videos below and learn quickly what you need.

Adjustment procedures
Adjustment procedures