Technical Tips

Foot Support Adjustment

To adjust the height of the footrests, loosen the two knobs located behind the main support of the stander core. Slide the footrest rod up or down to the desired height and retighten knobs securely to ensure that the weight of the user is well supported. Toadjust the footrest width, you will need to use the Allen key located
on the side of the hydraulic cylinder.
Loosen the set screw located under the block (beneath the footrest). Slide sideways to the desired width and then retightenwith the Allen key. For angle adjustment of the footrest, use theadjustable lever. To do this you will need to lift the lever slightly and then turn clockwise to tighten and counter-clockwise (by raising it) to reposition the lever in the proper place. Rotate the footrest plate to the desired position and retighten.