At synetik we believe that function should not come at the cost of comfort which is why our belts are designed to promote comfort and proper posture simultaneously.

Our belts have stood the test of time due to it high quality materials and craftsmanship. Our products come in a wide array of sizes and shapes to ensure that everyone can benefit from a quality belt.

Hand stitched
Highly durable
High quality Neoprene
Wide array of buckles
Easy to adjust
Designed for comfort

The variability of the buggy and the ability to attach a wide range of accessories, ensure fulfilling of majority requirements of user’s wide spectrum.

Metal Push-Button
Metal Locking
Fidlock Hook
Fidlock V
Plastic Side-Release
M, L
Center Pull
Rear Pull
Dual Pull

We prepared for you some detailed step by step video tutorials on how to prepare your Vertiflex and ensure that everything is set accordingly for a very confortable position.

Just click one of the videos below and learn quickly what you need.

Adjustment procedures
Adjustment procedures