Technical Tips

Tray Adjustment

To install the tray, insert the rods into the round glides located on the hip supports.  Angle the end of the tray upward to slide it in more easily, then release it at the desired position. The mechanism will then block the tray at this spot. For added safety, tighten the knob under the round glide to secure the tray into position.

To adjust the height of the tray, loosen the knob on each side behind the hip support. Slide up or down to the desired height and retighten. To adjust the tray angle, use the adjustable lever.To do this you will need to raise the lever slightly and then turn clockwise to tighte and counter-clockwise (by raising it) to reposition
the lever in the proper position.

Rotate the tray to the desired angle and retighten the adjustable lever. For depth adjustment of the tray, loosen the two knobs on each side, located under the tray on the inner section of the angle adjustments. Slide the tray on its glides to the desired location and retighten the four knobs.